Colgate opens research center in Piscataway, NJ.

Fabric conditioner is launched in France as Soupline. Today, fabric conditioners are sold in over 54 countries around the world.

Palmolive dishwashing liquid is introduced and today it is sold in over 35 countries.

Colgate toothpaste adds MFP Fluoride, clinically proven to reduce cavities.

Irish Spring launches in Germany as Irische Frühling and in Europe as Nordic Spring. In 1972, Irish Spring is introduced in North America.

Caprice hair care launches in Mexico. Today, hair care products are sold in over 70 countries, with variants to suit every type of hair need.

Colgate-Palmolive acquires Hill's Pet Nutrition. Today Hill's is the global leader in pet nutrition and veterinary recommendations.

Colgate Plus toothbrush is introduced. Today over 1.6 billion Colgate toothbrushes are sold annually worldwide. If you lined them up end to end, they would circle the globe 16 times.

Protex bar soap is introduced, and today offers all-family antibacterial protection in over 56 countries.

Colgate-Palmolive enters into a joint venture with Hong Kong-based Hawley & Hazel, a leading oral care company, which adds strength in key Asian markets.

The Chairman's You Can Make A Difference Program is launched, recognizing innovation and executional excellence by Colgate people.

Colgate acquires Softsoap liquid soap business from the Minnetonka Corporation. Today, Colgate is the global leader in liquid hand soap.

Annual Company sales surpass the $5 billion mark.

1962: Colgate Research Center
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1962: Colgate Research Center
1962: Soupline
1966: Palmolive Dishwashing Liquid
1968: Colgate toothpaste with MFP Fluoride
1970: Irish Spring
1975: Caprice
1976: Colgate-Palmolive acquires Hills Pet Nutrition
1981: Colgate Winterfresh Gel toothpaste
1983: Colgate Plus
1985: Protex
1986: Palmolive Automatic Dishwashing Liquid
1987: Softsoap liquid soap
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